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2019-04-13 13:13:16

Generally speaking, a more reasonable website can attract more visitors. If you want to build a better website, you can not do without website SEO optimization. But in the process of SEO optimization, what details need to be paid attention to? Now let's introduce to you the details that need to be paid attention to by Xiaobian.

1. Home page optimization is the key point

In the process of SEO optimization, we must pay attention to the optimization of homepage, because the most important part of homepage Optimization Website optimization is closely related to user experience. In the process of homepage keyword optimization, we must pay attention to the closeness and quantity of keywords. We must remember that the number of keywords should not exceed four, so that it is easy to search and quote. The engine leaves a bad impression and distributes the layout of the web page reasonably, which can also make the page look neater.

2. Selection of Key Words

In the process of optimization of SEO websites, keywords are usually used. Sometimes they are used repeatedly, as if they are afraid of not being searched. But this is wrong. If repeated keywords go down for a long time, it is easy for that search engine to exclude them. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing keywords.

3. Creation of website construction content

Many new websites will have a period of freshness after they are built. At this time, webmasters will frequently update some new articles and knowledge in their websites, but this is only a freshness period. If the freshness period passes, they will return to the cold state. This is also a very wrong idea. If it is always like this, it will probably close your shop. Daji, in fact, I think that as long as the article is updated from time to time every day, as long as the content of the article is guaranteed, it will not be forgotten by search engines.。

Website SEO optimization is very important. Enterprise websites must pay attention to the above problems when optimizing. They can also build external links. As long as they are within a reasonable range, the construction of external links can also play a role of icing on the cake.

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